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Why shop local?

Calgary Local Shopping
1. Keep money in our local economy
Approximately 48% of the money spent at local independent shops stays in the community and flows to other local businesses, as opposed to only 14% of purchases at national chains.  And 0% when you shop online at websites like Amazon!

Source: “The Multiplier Effect of Local Independent Business Ownership” provides an overview of the topic. The consulting firm Civic Economics has executed multiplier studies for many communities.

2. Give back to our community
Small businesses give back -- to local charities, events, and recreation -- at a rate of more than double compared to national chains.  And again, the major online sellers give nothing back to our city!

Source: In a study for the Small Business Administration, Business Contributions to Community Service (1991), Dr. Patricia Frishkoff of Oregon State University analyzed charitable giving by firm size. She found companies with fewer than 100 employees gave an average of $789 per employee in cash and in-kind donations, compared to $334 per employee at firms with more than 500 employees.

3. Keep our city unique
When we spend money locally, the small, local 'Mom and Pop' shops that make our city unique and vibrant are prosperous, and remain a part of our community for years to come.

4. Live more sustainably
Buying locally conserves energy and resources, because less fuel is needed for shipping. In this way it also contributes to cleaner air and water.

5. Improved public services
Local businesses pay tax in our local communities, and keeping these alive means more money is available for public services that are important to your family like emergency services, public transportation, and schools.