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Sell with Us

Establish a storefront and revenue stream with browseYEG for only $39.99/month.  You'll benefit from:
  • improved discoverability ... browseYEG represents the new version of foot traffic.
  • personalized product listings -- we want people to know they are buying from YOU. We'll include your logo, shop photos, and business story.
  • browseYEG's marketing on social media, referral program, and retargeting ads.
  • the browseYEG mobile app, and many other tech features.

Already sell online somewhere? Connect your inventory and keep it synced -- we're here to compliment what you're already doing online. Not yet online? browseYEG is the perfect place to get started. Either way, we'll discuss all your options with you. Set up or sync at least 10 products and receive a customized "Shop by seller" landing page, just for your business.

No commission: pay a flat monthly fee of $39.99/month, plus transaction fees. We give customers all the information they need to connect with you directly, if they still choose to complete their purchase on browseYEG, our transaction fees are roughly 3.2% and we do deduct that expense from your payout. (2.9% plus 30 cents for the customer transaction, and then 0.25% plus 25 cents on your payout).

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