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browseYYC has been years in the making. I first dreamed up the idea in 2017 and it's gone through a development process since then! When COVID came along, the idea had new relevance and I dusted it off, coded it up, and got it ready to present to you, today.

I have so many goals for browseYYC (and it's sister, browseYEG, in Edmonton!). Here's what I want to see it bring:

  • For shoppers: increased convenience! I've talked to so many shoppers who frequent Amazon and the number one reason people go there isn't price -- it's convenience. One website. Everything you need. That's what browseYYC will bring to you, but with the added bonus of supporting local businesses.  Read More for Shoppers

  • For sellers: increased exposure! Online marketplaces like browseYYC are the new version of foot traffic. Shoppers come for one thing and leave with 3 extras. We're marketing hard on your behalf and have a tech stack to serve you as well. Read More for Sellers

  • For BIAs: a online version of "foot traffic" that allows businesses in your area to be discovered. BIAs with 10 or more businesses registered will benefit from a specially designed BIA landing page, and, a listing in the "Shop By BIA" filtering option tree. Read More for BIAs

  • For communities: 5% of profits ongoing will benefit local charity groups and the communities they serve. Read More for Community