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Cashing in on Gift Card Sales

87% of Canadians Give and Receive gift cards (see research here).  

It stands to reason that the stat would be similar for Edmontonians.  Is your business cashing in on this trend, or getting left in the dust?  If you are like most independent businesses, gift card sales are a huge area of opportunity for revenue, vs. a strong generator already.

The reason is simple -- most Canadians buy gift cards at convenient super market kiosks.  The problem is that these kiosks typically only contain gift cards for big box stores, chain restaurants, and, well, Amazon.  These guys are taking the majority of the gift card cut.  Boooo.  Phooey.  And various other expletives.

That's a problem for you, as a business owner.  That's also a problem for gift card recipients.  These gift cards are nice, but BORING.  They'd rather open a gift card for your restaurant, shop, or spa.  We know it, and you know it too. So how do we make this happen?

Enter browseYEG, Edmonton's Gift Card Emporium.  An online "gift card kiosk" for local area, AWESOME gift cards.  It's just as easy for purchasers to visit here as what it is for them to visit a supermarket kiosk . They can browse gift cards for local businesses, all in once place -- right here.

As a business, you can sell your gift card with us for only $20 for the remainder of 2018.  That's it.  $20, which is easily recouped with just one sale.  We take no commission on sales.  You're only other cost is transactions fees -- something you are already familiar with as a business owner -- we charge 2.7% + 30 cents per transaction.  You can choose to absorb this cost yourself, or pass it on to card purchasers.

Want to learn more?  Visit our "Create a Gift Card" page, or contact us.